Spring in Ladakh

From apricot blossoms in full bloom to spectacular views of snow clad mountains, Spring season seems like the perfect time to visit Ladakh!

Beautiful Apricot Orchard at Shakti Stok Village house in Ladakh.

Spring in Ladakh

This May, witness the famous Buddha Purnima festival in Ladakh. The festival is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Buddha and is one of the most important days of the Buddhists. As a part of rituals, devotees pass through decorated markets carrying the statue of Bhagwan Buddha, visit Monasteries, listen to sermons and verses from Buddhist scriptures. Visit Ladakh in May and enjoy the festivities!

Spring in Ladakh

Spring in Ladakh


Snowclad mountains- The breathtaking view from Shakti Likhir Village house.

Sping in Ladakh


The Indus River.

Spring in Ladakh

Shakti ladakh operates from May till September. For more information and to visit Ladakh Click Here.


Village walks in Himalayas

The Himalayas

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The women of Leh are such-
that one night over there, some 3,600 metres
high, not far from Tibet,
where the Zanskar glitters all day,
and at night, the stars, not to be outdone,
seem to grow larger, let themselves sink down closer
to the mountains- while the moon always disappears
by midnight, cut off by the horizon,
always on the other side
of some huge rock-one night
in that place I dreamt
and I saw Gertrude Stein selling
horseradishes and carrots. There was no mistaking
those shoulders- but she fit in so well
with her looking- straight- at- you eyes.
And yet, even the traditional
Ladakhi hat she wore could not disguise
her face. She said jooley to my jooley
with the others, all lined up along the main street-
she slapped the head of a hungry dzo
and I walked back, several times, back and forth,
pretending  I couldn’t decide what to buy.
Then she turned aside to talk with the tomato seller,
Still keeping an eye on the dzo– it was hard to believe
but there was no mistaking that poise.

– “The Women of Leh Are Such” from Point No Point by Sujata Bhatt


We’ve had phenomenal coverage of our Ladakh, Sikkim and Kumaon properties – including incredible Shakti 360° Leti – in many of the world’s most popular and most respected publications. Here are a few of the latest articles we’ve been featured in, click on the picture to read the full text and see all the photos.

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Shakti's Ladakh, Sikkim & Kumaon properties - including Shakti 360° Leti - in Centurion Magazine, September 2011


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Shakti's Kumaon properties - featuring Shakti 360° Leti - in Harper's Bazaar Australia, October 2010


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Shakti's Ladakh, Sikkim & Kumaon properties - including Shakti 360° Leti - in Departures Magazine, Autumn 2011

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It’s not just the beauty of the mountains, but the beauty of the mountain folk that is unforgettable. There is something so utterly warm and friendly about people here, you can feel it radiating it from their open faces, their generous smiles.


Hearing the hypnotic chanting of morning prayers at Thiksey Monastery, rafting the exhilarating rapids of Zanskar River, walking through the picturesque villages of Stok and Likhir, hunting for souvenirs in Leh Bazaar… Shakti travelers reveled in all this and much more during another fulfilling and unforgettable season in Ladakh.

Stok Kangri Range

Stok Village House

Rafting on the Zanskar River

Confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers

Picnic Lunch in Taru Village

Likhir Monastery



We wanted to find a way to bring the magic of the majestic Himalayas and our unique properties to each of you, and what better way to do this than share our unique photos, stories and video through this seemingly intangible place called the web. We do hope that these will inspire you to share your Shakti experiences with us too and other travelers like yourself.

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Way beyond our decaying and grubby northern hill stations lie the real Himalaya… that’s where you will find Shakti.

Seven years ago I had a trek arranged for a friend and myself by someone who was recommended to be ‘the best trekking operator’ in India. What ensued was close to nightmarish and that is where the idea of Shakti came about.

I grew up in the eastern Himalaya and was fortunate enough to be exposed to, and develop a passion for, the Himalayan wilderness. Our sister company Banyan Tours has been in existence for over 15 years and has planned and executed over 50,000 luxury holidays for foreigners throughout India, Sri Lanka & Bhutan over this period. Seven years ago I felt it was high time I showed tourists and travellers what had ignited my enduring passion for the mountains and to be in a position to meticulously execute high end holidays in this terrain. We have created 13 lodges in Ladakh, Kumaon and Sikkim (including Shakti 360° Leti) and a team of 48 that includes wonderful guides, chefs, drivers and service staff… and private holidays that have captured the hearts of thousands already.

For the best from the mountains, stay tuned.

Please visit our website www.shaktihimalaya.com and read all about what journalists and our clients feel about what we have achieved.

See you in the hills.

Jamshyd Sethna, Owner and Managing Director of Banyan Tours & Travels and Shakti

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